A Typical Hour

Inspired by a very strange day walking across campus whilst at uni!

I saw three furry bears,
stalking through the forest,
hunting for the fish,
but they’re nowhere near the river,
and that’s where I found them,
sitting by the poolside,
next to the wildebeest,
and the archers.

So I went to the field,
looking for the sunshine,
they were dressed like baby rats,
but they always look best that way,
and that’s where I saw her,
a flamingo like angel,
basking in the glory of my disaster,
a vision of heaven,
but made in hell.

I’m just a freak, on a losing streak,
I’m on the brink, might fall in the sink,
What if jack went up the hill,
dropped his bucket,
and never came down again?
Would Jill still be there?
Do I care?…Do you?

© Copyright Craig A Bailey.

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