Father Bingo

Originally intended to be a song but never got round to adding music, based on a very strange but fun evening Hoveton!

Father Bingo’s at the wheel,
at Fiesta’s full of people,
travelling to see myambiob man,
who lives across smoked out town.

And he’s there every night,
making light of lives responsibility,
he’s got matters to attend at home,
wife and kids there alone.

How they cry for their mother,
but she’s far away on the other side,
Ming and Mong sound everything they see,
due to their psychotic mind tree.

Mum and Dad are both the same,
busy being M&M munchkins,
they’d be the man if they can,
the rest of the world doesn’t understand.

The man’s a father anyway,
not a farmer like some would say,
trying as hard as he possibly can,
to stay away from that myambiob man.

© Copyright Craig A Bailey.

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